A Diary by Sarah Louise Lambert

David Is A Moron

I voted to remain in the EU. It is a week ago since that vote took place, and in many ways, it feels like it never happened. Nobody in the government seems willing to push the Article 50 button, not least David Camoron, who has resigned over some matter of principal… strange, because I didn’t know he had any principals.

I voted to stay, not because I believed Camorons lies, but because out of the two options available, In or Out,  In seemed the right choice to make. I do however understand why some voted to leave. Not the racist idiots, but those Brexiters who have genuine concerns over a single bank, and a single army agenda. Once, this was purely the subject of conspiracy, now it was talked about in the mainstream Daily Express yesterday.

I must point out, I am not a member of the Labour Party, I never have been, therefore I didn’t vote for Corbyn. Some people think I am a Labour member, but let me put that one to bed, I am not. Never have been either. Probably won’t be, ever. If I had been a member, with a vote for who would become Labour leader 10 months ago, I wouldn’t have voted for Jeremy Corbyn anyway. Yet that is strange, because Jeremy Corbyn is probably nearer to my own leftist ideals than any of the other candidates were… Perhaps I know, neither Jezzer or Myself, would ever win a General Election. Leftyism isn’t popular, people don’t like fairness and compassion, people are selfish. We are a Me Me Me society.

The Labour Party coup d’etat is making more news than the Conservative Party meltdown… which is a strange concept, don’t you think? Here we have a Conservative Prime Minister, David Camoron, who promises the electorate a referendum on our EU membership. He campaigns for us to stay, but loses the vote… and somehow, that’s Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

We are in limbo at the moment. We have voted to leave the EU; the EU know we are going to leave, some want us out as quickly as possible, but until we formally tell the EU, by handing in the Article 50 paperwork… we are technically still in the EU.

Personally, I think some stalling is going on, perhaps our Brexiteers will be disappointed… Leave might not mean leave. Leave might mean stay?

What a mess…

Like most people I am prone to forming habits. Writing regularly is a habit. Not writing is a habit. So, it has been 5 months since my last visit. I haven’t even logged on, so apologies to anyone who posted a reply, Maxxy… I wasn’t expecting you.





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