A Diary by Sarah Louise Lambert



This image, or images similar, but containing the same quotation, appeared all over social media during the EU referendum campaign. Those advocating a Remain in the EU vote used this quote so often to drive home their point… vote Remain because this man wants us to leave. And sure, his newspaper which shall not be named here, ran a campaign to leave the EU.

My question is, was this the intention of the Murdoch media, to dupe the voters into thinking this man wanted us to leave the EU thus bolstering the vote to Remain?

Why would a media magnet who backed the current Prime Minister suddenly campaign against him? Answer… because he knows we distrust him…  you were played. Sadly the game didn’t work this time, he lost, we lost.

But who does Murdoch’s news represent? His daily newspaper claims to support the working class, the ordinary, the downtrodden… the thick as shit. But it backs a Conservative government, at least, these days. Murdoch always backs a winner, except this time. The only time he flipped from backing a Conservative government, was when he backed Tony Blair in 1997. From Tory to Labour, and back to Tory… Murdoch flips allegiance, and the voters follow.

Did Rupert Murdoch ever say those words? Is that quote truly attributable to him? Who put this quote on the internet first? Was it Rupert Murdoch himself?

We rely too much on unsubstantiated news,  retweeting images like this without knowing the source…

My guess is, this quote is untrue. Murdoch never said any such thing, but used this image, and similar, to push the Remain vote for his “pal” David Camoron. He probably regrets it now, but hey, believe me, he does have influence on Brussels. Murdoch helps to sway opinion in the UK, Europe and the USA, he doesn’t cosy up to world leaders, they cosy up to him…

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