A Diary by Sarah Louise Lambert

Europe 2

The Conservative Party, has for many years contained a sizable proportion of Eurosceptics, which various party leaders have found difficult to keep in line. Never mind the openly eurosceptic UKIP, a large proportion of Conservatives aren’t exactly keen on remaining in either. The official Conservative party line is difficult to write when so many high ranking politicians disagree with E.U. membership. So this in-out vote which we will have soon, is designed not only to give the public a vote, but also, it shuts up any future Conservative party descent.

That is what I meant in my last post by, “smoke and mirrors”. This is an information deception, with Cameron telling the public the vote is for one reason, when it is actually for another purpose.

There is a comment on my last post which is very pro E.U. but it also highlights the problem of debt, and the bailout conditions for countries like Greece etc. To be honest, this is a complicated area. Maybe some countries shouldn’t join a single monetary system which is impossible for them to adhere to.

This of course causes tension between nations, as people in Germany feel they are paying for other peoples debts. The truth however is slightly different. Politicians and banks impose debt… not some Greek guy who owns a restaurant or gift shop in some back street on the island of Kos. Banks impose interest on loans… and if you replaced the word “Interest” with the the words “OUR PROFIT”, you’d see a bigger picture.

People always quote the “benefits” of being in the E.U. without actually stating what the benefits are.

Freedom of travel?

Well, I’ve been to France, Germany, Belgium and Spain and I met Americans and Australians and Chinese there… they had freedom to travel too.

But yeah, I could go and work in Europe right now. France maybe! Paris has always been a special love… or Spain, I like Spain. Barcelona is an amazing city. But then, I have friends who work in the USA… Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

Australia… Now that is a bit of a trek; the distance makes it difficult to come home and see the folks, but I had a friend who set up business there.

As I said, beware of voting for something which benefits someone else, rather than you. It seems that the benefit of E.U. membership is leveled towards banks, politicians and large business… but for us mere mortals the benefit is difficult to see. I could pretty much travel to any country on this planet if I wanted to… apart from the growing amount of countries classed as war zones.

As you may, or may not know, I own, along with two others, a florist shop. Yeah I know, I have no idea how that happened either. It definitely wasn’t in the script for life, but here we are… strangely happy, strangely content.

Our flowers come from Holland. Each and every single flower travels on an overnight refrigerated wagon journey. We mainly deal with two suppliers, not to trade off one against the other, it’s just about stock levels. Sometimes one has what we want, the other doesn’t. We did actually use a third supplier for a while, but now we don’t, but that is another long and sad story.

So, what would happen to this supply if we were not in the E.U. ? Would trade between us dry up and disappear? Well, according to our suppliers… “The UK is a huge market for us, we cannot walk away. Whatever new restrictions will apply, we will have to comply… life goes on you know”!

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  1. Hey Kidda, you still around? Have you found a new home in the ether? Or just busy doing the stuff of life ? I’m trying to plan some more studio time, but it’s tricky when all I have are short term contracts ( like a month at the minute ). But I’m hopeful that I can do some more soon. Anyway, just checking in. Hope all is cool in your universe… xxx

    June 2, 2016 at 11:08 am

    • traceylouise

      Yep I’m still around as of… *looks at watch* Life has been busy, Summer wedding season and all, total madness. And don’t mention August! Sorry not logged in or looked here for ages.

      June 30, 2016 at 10:09 am

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