A Diary by Sarah Louise Lambert

European Campaign

The campaign to stay in Europe has begun, a newsletter dropped through my front door yesterday containing lots of reasons why we should vote “Yes” to staying inside Europe. It even has a photo of Karren Brady on it, with her endorsement.

So, let us look at the facts of why we, the UK, should stay in Europe, and also why we should leave.

Firstly a little background. The UK finds itself under the umbrella of EU, the European Union, although, we the citizens have never had a vote. Back in 1973 the UK joined what was then known as The Common Market, and in 1975 there was a referendum vote to stay in. Much has changed over the years, and a simple exchange of goods agreement has turned into the UK being governed by European law.

Prime Minister Cameron promised us a vote if he won the last election, and as he did, we are now preparing to have a vote at some point in the future.

David Cameron wants to stay in Europe, but states that he wants some changes to our membership. These changes, whatever they are, will be put to us, and from this we will all make our decisions… stay in or come out.

But, how does a man who wants to be in Europe, negotiate new terms worthy of us staying in? By wanting to stay in Europe, his bargaining chip was already wilted…

“So Mr. Cameron, what do we need to promise you to make you stay in Europe”?

“Well, nothing really, because I want to stay in anyway”!

“I see, Mr. Cameron… you ask a lot from us”!

So you see, our UK negotiations are founded on Bullshit… like many things in life, it’s all done with smoke and mirrors.

Has Karren Brady read the Maastricht Treaty? Does she really know what will happen if we leave the EU?… My opinion is, she hasn’t read the document, and like me, she has no fucking idea what will happen if we stay in or if we pull out… Her endorsement on staying in, is just a personal opinion, based on what her friends might say if she had an opposite opinion.

So, what dropped through the letter box yesterday, was simply four pages of printed hearsay, bullshit and opinions of what might be. Four pages of guesses, because, let’s be honest here, nobody knows the future.

Cameron wants to stay in Europe because it makes him more powerful. By being “in”, he is a leader of a country which belongs to the EU, rather than the PM of a small island. By being “in”, he wields the power of a large club run by Germany. Cameron’s owners, those who donate to his party and back him in their newspapers, want to have power too… that’s why they gave him money to win the election.

This vote is not about you, or me… it is not about losing thousands of jobs if we pull out. Do you really think a Conservative government gives a shit if you have a job or not? It’s about bringing European counties into line… one government, one set of laws, one currency, one bank. That is what you will be voting for, one final vote and no going back.

At the beginning of this post, I said we would look at the facts, why we should stay in Europe, and why we should leave. The truth is however, we don’t have any facts, just some celebrity endorsement, by the Dame Brady, like she was selling tickets to a West Ham game.

Truth and facts in politics are very rare things… be aware of what they want you to do for their benefit rather than ours!


2 responses

  1. I got that leaflet yesterday too. It’s in the recycling!

    January 21, 2016 at 11:43 am

  2. 1. No country ‘belongs’ to the E.U, it’s not some evil Borg out to assimilate you. Evrybody wants the benefits of the E.U without observing the rules (Greece, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal etc).
    2. Everyone loves insulting Germany but let me ask you this: what would happen if Germany said tomorrow ‘hey, we’ll give you what you want, we’re leaving the E.U, it’s all yours.’ Would it survive without us? Or should we stay and pay everyone’s bills no questions asked? The E.U is fantastic, if everyone simply abide by the rules.
    3. Mr Cameron should stop pussyfooting and finally bring it to a vote, but more importantly, as an elected leader him and the other muppets should finally explain to Brits what the E.U really is, instead of feeding you fairytales and then asking us to alter reality to fit the delusion he peddles.

    January 21, 2016 at 12:00 pm

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