A Diary by Sarah Louise Lambert

Welcome To The Future

Here we are in 2016. But you knew that anyway… right! It wasn’t meant to be a snippet of useless and slightly late information, just an introduction to a long overdue post thing.

Yes, Christmas is now a dim and distant memory, and turkeys everywhere breath a sigh of relief… at least some can, for now. “Happy New Year”!… is a much overrated and a pretty meaningless statement, but I wish you one anyway… even if it is a trifle belated.

So, I hear you say… “What is new”?

In the world of Me? Lots of things are new! Not so much things you can see on the surface, but things inside are different. Things, whatever they are, must be different and new with you too, because our world is changing, it is different… it is new. Not good change. Not good new. The world is becoming a very dark place to be… But for now, lets be trivial…

Work was good back in 2015. It was a busy, and a pretty lucrative year, and since returning after the festivities, we have been busy once again. I can’t complain, I guess we must be doing something right. Being busy makes the day move along more quickly, or so it seems.

Time moving quickly. Time marching on. Time, my friends, is a pain in the ass. Tomorrow, my parents “celebrate” 35 years of being married… Next month I celebrate being 31. Thirty fucking One!

Anyway, let’s not even go there yet. I keep telling myself, “age is just a number” and for now, I am feeling OK with that obvious reality.

This post will be a little mish-mash of things which have had an effect on my little world lately… and maybe upon yours too.

Lemmy died. I liked Motorhead. I liked the uncomplicated simplicity of a 3 piece band who could just “do it” live, and make their music sound just as good as it sounded on a recording. Raw, loud and honest. I liked the early Motorhead stuff, along with much of the new. Back in the beginning it was Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal. But then Philthy died, and not long after, so did Lemmy, and now, from the original three, there is just one left… Fast Eddie.

David Bowie died. I must admit to not being a follower of Mr. Jones, or as he became, Mr. Bowie. I guess he just didn’t fit into what I like musically… but, that doesn’t mean I cannot recognize talent. I can, and I do… so the loss of David Bowie is a huge loss to music. He spanned many music genre’s, more than any other musician ever did. He influenced rock musicians, pop musicians and many other diverse variants… He also influenced how bands put on a show… his flamboyance changed how music is presented today. He will be remembered with a smile of pleasure, as will others.

David Bowie’s death was a time when the vast majority of us agreed with each other. We agreed it was a huge loss, a poignant moment in our recent cultural history. To some, a small but vocal minority, it was just trivial nonsense; the sadness of losing someone we had never met… but then, “some” always do have an alternate view on life, and indeed death. They like to feel that the attention is shifted to them and the less important space which they occupy. It is unusual for the majority of humans to agree on anything, so perhaps that might be another of David Bowie’s achievements… he got us to agree, as a majority, even if, just for a moment.

The world is full of violence and war on a level not seen in many of our lifetimes. Arguments rage over who is fighting whom. Arguments over migrants fleeing war zones, being given access to new lives in our European space. Old conflicts flaring up once again, and new conflicts erupting as one area of people argue that their religion is right, and everyone elses belief is wrong.

The “Cold War” is once again upon us, but this time it is slightly warmer… a little more up front and in your face than the cloak and dagger espionage of the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy days of way back when.

The “West” will soon have a new leader. What we need is a person of vision, someone who can bring nations together and enforce the right decisions which bring safety and security to the majority of the worlds inhabitants.

What we need, and what we will get… are two different things.


Because all political leaders are owned by those who donate money to their cause and campaigns, and basically bankroll them into office. You didn’t think these people donate millions of pounds, or millions of dollars, or millions of Euros to political causes and parties for love did you?

No, they bankroll their chosen politician as a favour, and when their patsy is in charge of a country, they want those favours repaid.

The reality is, war makes a huge amount of money for a huge amount of companies, and in turn those who own those companies become rich beyond imagination. If a conflict can be created where peace once resided, and the people can be manipulated into war, then more money is made for those who supply the arms, the equipment, uniforms, tanks, technology and catering… everything a modern war requires. The longer conflict lasts and the wider it spreads… the better it is for those who profit.

Millions, if not Trillions is spent on war, money at these times, it seems, is no object. Money is created to fund war, almost as if from nowhere, but when the war is over, there is a debt to pay… and we pay for that debt, me and you. The same people then benefit from the profit which the war debt creates. War, for those who are in that business, is a win-win situation.

If you have seen the news you will know, even those caught up in the recent war zones don’t know who is good and who is the enemy. Good and bad are blurred into one. Is that because both sides are funded by the same people? Two or more opposing forces invented by a third party, so that third party benefits from the generated profit?

The global news reports a lot of civilian deaths in various areas of conflict on a daily basis, however, they don’t report many, if any, deaths of professional combatants… After all, if you own many sides in a conflict, you don’t want your prime assets killed off, do you! Civilian targets are cheap to hit, and their big news deaths from bombing campaigns, fuel world anger and fuel fear… and that anger and fear spreads the conflict… which makes more profit.


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  1. Grizzly Adams died too.

    January 15, 2016 at 8:44 pm

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